How Does A Pet Help In Your Child’s Overall Development

How Does A Pet Help In Your Child’s Overall Development

Having a child is as much fun as it is a responsibility. Caring for it, looking after its safety & health, feeding it etc takes time of course but more than anything else it takes a whole lot of compassion. Children when exposed to pets who need as much care as children, develop a unique bond with each other. One protects the other andupholds a sense of duty towards the other.

Pets , especially dogs are great companions. They know exactly when you are feeling low just by your touch and try and comfort you in the best way possible. They sit next to you all day, cheer you up by calling you to play and also are great supporters in your grief-to an extent that they don’t eat if you don’t eat!

Dogs, today are being trained and used as great therapeutic healers. Children with mental/behavioral disorders are uplifted by the calm, nurturing temperament of dogs.

The best part is pets don’t judge and express unconditional love & care. Such kind of love is great to grow up with, especially when children are subjected to so much pressure, competition & expectations-pets can be a great relief and can remind kids that whoever they are, whatever they are- they are great! Pets make you feel special.

Pets need the outdoors as much as the indoors. Fresh air, space to run & play, the scope to mingle with other pets etc will keep them happy & healthy. Such encounters and outdoor events will also keep you child active. Especially today, when kids are prone to get attracted to indoor & instant entertainment on the phones, laptops, or with gadgets like X Box, their pets can be the medium to an active outdoor lifestyle.

Taking up responsibility is not something that needs age. Many parents undermine the importance of responsibility in the lives of your children and feel that responsibility comes with age and that the kids will learn as they grow. As much as that is true nothings stops you from highlighting the importance of responsibility at an early age and having pets is the best way to  do so. Pets need care & safety and your child will realise their needs and will also learn to fulfill them on their own. As they build attachment they won’t need to be told what to do and how, in fact young kids take responsibility quite seriously and really live up to it.

Most importantly, pets bring sheer joy to your child. They enjoy a great deal of happiness, comfort & security with pets around.