How to De-stress Your Children During Exams


It is that time of the day when temple bells ring louder than ever, teachers do overtime, and children experience something that adults experience daily-Stress!
That’s right, exams are around the corner and while your children are preparing for the same, parents too can start working their homework- ‘how to keep children stress-free during exams?’

Here are some tips which help you keep your kids calm during their testing times:

Let them make their own timetable, let your kids choose to demarcate their time to each subject the way they want. All you need to do is supervise. This will be more natural & comfortable for them rather than being told what to do and how to do it.
They will be able to stick to the study schedule more easily if they themselves make it.

Make sure they take regular breaks. It is as important to disengage as it is to engage. Long study hours can get taxing for their young minds and might not benefit them in any way. Regular breaks will help them recharge and focus better. Few but focused hours of study is what you should aim at. It could be anything -a short walk outside, their favourite show, or just a snack break while listening to their favourite songs.

Eating healthy too is important. Avoid very oily food and unhealthy snacking. The body must be active and heavy, unhealthy food can induce lethargy affecting proactive thinking & presence of mind.

Post exams, avoid gruelling them about how they went, the marks they expect or the questions they answered or did not answer. They will already be stressed, don’t add to it. Calm them down, assure them that everything is going to be just fine and get them to be confident & believe in themselves.

Children have their whole life to be stressed. Don’t let them fall prey to exams stress or your expectations! Childhood is the most important & most enjoyable period in life; let them make the most of it.