How To Handle The Challenge Of Waking Kids Up With Ease

How To Handle The Challenge Of Waking Kids Up With Ease

Did you know studies suggest that children who get enough sleep have good memories and behavior, are healthier and perform better at school? Waking kids up in the morning could be an everyday struggle for parents. And, in the new normal, after months of sleeping late, this struggle could be the toughest one to handle. But by being creative and making this a fun activity, you can make your life easier and overpower this toughest struggle. Following are a few ways to waking kids up early without creating household chaos first thing in the morning:

The first step to waking up early is going to bed early. Sleeping early would ensure that your kids have had enough sleep to wake up fresh in the morning. Usually, kids need around 10 hours of sound sleep.

Let the sunshine in. Natural light functions as a stimulator for the brain which helps in feeling awake. So let some natural in 15 mins before the wakeup time.

No exposure to blue light before bed. Devices such as tablets, smartphones or TVs emit blue light which disturbs bodies’ natural rhythm of falling asleep and waking up.

Make waking up early a fun activity. Kids love games. Play the game of who wakes up first or reward the person who gets ready in 10mins. You can be as creative as you want.

Use your pet as an alarm. If you have a dog or cat just put it beside your kid’s head and it will leave no chance of waking them up.

Get a clocky. This is a fun alarm that drives people crazy with its unstoppable sound but surely gets them out of the bed.

Sing to them. Good or bad voice, this will surely wake your kid up. Also, music is a relaxing way to get brain stimulated.

Bake something delicious. The smell of your kid’s favourite breakfast all around the house will get them jumping and dancing out of the bed.

Let them experience the consequences of being late. After setting a routine, encourage your child to take responsibility for following it. This means they will have to face negative repercussions for not getting out of bed on time.

If everything fails, just let your kid make mistakes and learn from them. This will keep them self-motivated and they’ll get out of the bed at right time.