How to Handle Twins

Blog How to handle twins _ 30th Oct

Handling Twins can be a handful! This very strong energy and connection which binds twins and emotionally. A connection so strong that, when together they pay no heed to the parents themselves.

And that is why this duo synthesis makes parenting hard.

Here are some tips:

Separation: This might sound harsh, but it one of the easier ways to get each of them to listen to you. Make sure you create a routine for each in such a way, that they are away from each other, doing different things. This separation will get them to focus on what they are doing and do it faster. For eg, while one child brushes his/her teeth, uses the loo and gets dressed, the other one does the reverse. So this gives them no chance to cross each other and parents too will find it easier to supervise.

Distractions: One of the most common ways to deal with toddler tantrums is distractions, it works similarly with twins too. Anything from their favourite toy to something outside the window is sure to get them distracted. Even a change of scene at home can help, you can try a different room in the house, a new space will always arouse curiosity. Like a new room, a new face too would help. It could be neighbours, grandparents or friends. Parents too can get some quiet time!

Positive reinforcement: Good and bad are concepts which children understand the best with positive reinforcements like rewarding good behavior. Instead of constantly keeping a tab on the naughty one, divert attention to the disciplined and reward him/her for any good behaviour. This will not only encourage him/her to continue good behaviour but will motivate the naughty one to change.

SleepTime: if one of them wakes up crying at night, don’t panic! Parents rush to quieten the crying child so as to not wake the other one. With twins, a crying baby doesn’t easily wake the sleeping one. In fact, if the sleeping one wakes up, he/she could console or comfort the crying child, such is the strength of their bond. Experts also say that one twin should get used to the crying of another, and so parents need to rush quieten them.

Step Out: it is challenging to take care of babies and more so more than one and even more so twins! Make sure you don’t stress yourself out by depending on just your skills, step out and meet other moms with twins, form groups, and indulge in understanding their parenting styles, shares titbits on food and sleep. This will be a breath of fresh air for your twins too. While they mingle with their twin friends, you get informed by your mommy or daddy groups!