How To Keep Children Busy During Summer Holidays


Some of our best childhood memories are from our summer vacations. Fingers digging into mangoes, playing in our grandmother’s courtyard, learning to swim in the well at our ancestral village; and many more such timeless moments which stay with us forever make summer holidays a special time of the year.

With urbanisation taking over, very few children have the privilege of going to their ancestral homes. So, how can you keep your child occupied?

  • Summer camps are generally what parents in the city lean-to. Many of them are free and expose children to different arts and sports. The child can take his/her pick and indulge in a month-long extravaganza of arts, culture & new friendships!
  • Summer may not be the best time to try something outdoors but that is when cooler places at higher altitudes come to our rescue. Take your kids to the nearest hill station; if you are willing to travel for more time, there is no limit! Get them to indulge in some of nature’s best gifts. Hiking or trekking is also one of the best ways to bond!
  • Crafts are a real savior. They keep the minds creatively occupied and also enhance their hand-eye coordination. DIY bags, shelves, stands all find their source at such crafts stations at home. Leave your kids with all the raw material and let them do the magic!
  • You can prepare a treasure hunt or have an activity bucket. They can choose a new activity to do every day from the bucket or you can squeeze in some suspense with a treasure hunt. They move around hunting for their activity which could be anything from making a snack in the kitchen or building paper rockets!

Summer holidays may actually not be a holiday for parents, but it is this time when they can really have some precious moments with their kids. The summer is an oasis of special experiences! Don’t miss out on them.