How To Keep Your Children Physically Active During The Lockdown

Do you often feel that kids have some mysterious infinite powerhouse that keeps them energized 24×7? They’ll run, play, sing, dance, jump and do every possible thing and still have the energy to do something more.

Well, studies suggest that kids’ muscles resist fatigue in a similar way to those of elite endurance athletes. Hence, they never get tired and are always full of energy.

But in this new normal, kids all over the world are in a little bit of a vulnerable position because of reduced physical activity and ineffective channelization of their energies. So as parents, we have one more task added to our to-do lists: Helping our little ones with physical activity.

You help your pumpkins and we help you! So here’s a list of things you can consider to get your bubs moving and jumping:

Hula Hoop

Hula hoops are cheap, loved by kids and are fantastic equipment for fitness. So get a hula hoop and start hooping with your little ones. You can fill up water bottles and hold them for making this activity intense and adding weight resistance.


Try boxing with pads or pillows, your munchkin will love it. Boxing teaches mental focus & physical strength and challenges children to build their character.

Yoga and breathing exercises
Engaging in yoga can help kids with flexibility, strength, coordination, body awareness and balance. It will also help them relax by reducing stress and anxiety. 


Put on the music and start moving with your bub. Zumba is a fun fitness activity that improves flexibility, boosts self-confidence, teaches rhythm and gives an opportunity to your kid to do this favourite monkey dance.

Crab walk

Sounds easy but this is tough. Sit with feet in front and hands behind, then lift the hips off the ground and start walking. Funny and silly, but crab walk helps develop core and arm strength.

Jumping Jacks

Stretch arms and legs out to the side and with each jump return arms to sides and legs to centre while landing. Easy and fun, jumps strengthen kid’s muscles and enchances endurance & cardiovascular fitness.

Bear Walk

This is like a full-body workout. Have your cupcakes crawl on their hands and feet without letting the knees touch the ground. You can crawl along to see who finishes first.


Kids are born squatters and this activity is super fun for them because they are capable of successfully executing this exercise. Squats help them build endurance, core strength and confidence.


Skipping is a simple, effective and exciting exercise. It enhances physical fitness, improves agility, stamina and blood circulation. Join your baby and see who gets a better count.

In the end, remember that children follow what you do and how you do things. They learn from their surroundings and imitate activities that parents do. So lead by example and don’t forget to have fun!