How To Make Mealtime Fun For Kids & Stress Free For Parents?

How To Make Mealtime Fun For Kids & Stress Free For Parents?As they grow you can show them how to use a spoon or a fork, of course you can begin with plastic spoons and forks; this will of enhancing eating skills and at the same time will make them curious & interested about how to use a fork or a spoon.In fact you can try making objects using napkins like,,a swan or a flower. Such things will keep them indulged in the act of eating.

With these hacks, meal time will become something both, the parents and the kid look forward Dreading your kid’s meal time again?Why not put an end to your stress and make your kid’s meal time fun & stress free..?

If you’re shaking your head in disbelief, here are some amazing hacks that will help you and your child to make the most of meal time.There are mainly 2 ways you can do this-1) make food fun & appealing and 2) make the paraphernalia used around food or eating interesting.

Let’s begin with making food fun!

  • Experiment with different textures-Generally children like crunchy, crispy or creamy. Don’t overcook vegetables. Avoid lumpy or stringy textures.
  • Try different colours, shapes & flavours-Triangle sandwiches, round cucumbers or crackers, cheese cubes-shapes add to the fun! Things like making smilies with sauce on sandwiches..etc will really lure children. Even different flavours like sweet, tangy, salty-especially the tangy or sour flavour is supposed to a favourite among kids. They love the cringing effect that tangy induces and that’s why candies are a huge hit!
  • Introduce new foods with familiar foods-The best way to introduce new food is mixing it up with familiar food. This way you keep them intrigued and also expand their palette to more.

Now coming to what other than food makes meal time interesting..?

  • Make mealtime more inclusive. Ask them to help you wit garnishing or even setting up the table. These are not only useful skills that they pick up but are also eventful for the kid, for whom mealtime becomes something fun or entertaining. They’ll begin to look forward to mealtime.

Provide them with fun quirky furniture or eating apparatus– Some colourful scoops, plastic plates that carry their favourite cartoon character. High chairs or even child-sized table make them feel special.