How To Not Spoil A Child

Loving your child is one thing, and giving in to your child’s whims and fancies is another. The more children win in the second scenario, the more problematic their behavior becomes. 

You can raise well-mannered children if you lay the ground rules straight. Nip the bad behavior at the bud, and you would have discovered the ways to not spoil your child. 

Be Consistent

Children are clever to push you until you topple or stop moving. Be consistent when you set rules. A ‘no’ should always mean a ‘no’. It helps your child get an idea of what is right and wrong. 

Let Them Earn Their Rewards

Make your child understand that rewards are for good behavior and that they should earn them. When they feel gifts or toys come easily, they wouldn’t value it and tend to take you for granted. 

Praise Good Behavior

When you notice your child staying out of trouble and well behaved, praise them. They would love happy moments with you. It will improve their confidence and feel respected.

Be Empathetic

Listen to your child patiently when they need something. When you are empathetic, they understand you care in the first place. It will build trust and calm them down. Tell them what to do but be conscious about the positive tone.

It’s Ok To Be Disappointed.

In all instances, things may not work the way your child wants. It will teach them tolerance and help them cope with disappointments from an early age.