How To Protect Your Kids From Monsoon Borne Diseases

How To Protect Your Kids From Monsoon Borne Diseases

Monsoons have their own charm. Lush green surroundings, good climate and clean, fresh air. But monsoons bring more than good weather with them, they bring water-borne bacteria which carry diseases varying fromcommon cold to cholera. So, here are some tips that will protect your little ones from monsoon-borne diseases.

Boiled Water Keeps You Safe: Impure water is the source of water-borne diseases and so you must ensure your kids have boiled water throughout the monsoon period. Boiling water is an instant purification of water and keeps you children safe. While travelling, mineral water is strongly advised.

Avoid Outside Food: The water used to prepare food in eateries is always questionable. Home cooked food is the best. Make sure you wash the vegetables thoroughly before your begin cooking, they can be muddy and unclean due to storage or transport during the rains.

Salads or Any Leafy Vegetables Should Be Consumed at One’s Own Risk: Insect larvae which are great carriers of diseases are common during monsoons, and leafy vegetables are the biggest sources of these. You could be subjected to indigestion, nausea and loose motions.

Avoid eating leafy vegetables outside and at home, make sure they are thoroughly washed.

Keep Your Kids From Your Away From Stagnant Water: Stagnant pools of water are breeding grounds for mosquitoes which spread malaria and dengue. Make sure your gardens and backyards are puddle free.

Immunity Yielding Foods: Foods like ginger, turmeric, broccoli and spinach are great immunity boosters. Strengthening child’s immunity will help them fight water-borne diseases better and faster.

Keep Your Kids Dry: Playing in the rain gives one some of the best childhood memories, and so depriving them of that joy might be harsh but once they are inside make sure they are wiped dry. Especially, the head needs to be dry, else it can cause sinusitis, cold or fever. Keep your kids and the clothes they are wearing dry.