How to Survive the First Week of Kindergarten

Children mean the world to mothers from the moment they are born. They become the most integral part of the family, and how quickly they become kindergarten-ready is never known. Then one fine day, when you pack your little big babies to their new world of teachers, friends, nannies, and books, it hits you hard. 

It’s not what they have gone into that pulls you within more, but the void. Though it’s for a short while, the first time you send your child away from under your protective wings can break you down. You’ll learn to take it in your stride as you discover your guardian angels- your child’s kindergarten manager, coordinator, or teacher-in-charge. They help you not just survive the first week but give you a treasure house of deep relationships that you’ll cherish.

Be Surrounded with Best Friends

When you know that you will feel miserable, give a heads-up to one of your closest friends to be with you. Remember to inform them what is happening with you. The one who understands will grab their gang and make sure to entertain you with everything under the sun until your little superstar is back from kindergarten. Some may even care to stay with you until you are comfortable. So, informing your besties can help.

Trust and Talk

Teachers can take half your stress away, especially when the reason behind your worry is your child, who is now more of her responsibility. Wondering how they do that? Trust.