How to take care of newborn babies in summer

Taking care of newborn babies in any season is a specialized job, but more so in summer. Let us examine the reasons behind summer being a difficult month for baby care and how to deal effectively with it.

The weather gods are not on your side during these cruel months where the heat is relentless in most parts of the country.

The demand for power is so high that it is not uncommon to experience power outages for prolonged periods, resulting in rising tempers and a heightened sense of irritability.

But cool down, with a bit of planning for both mother and the baby, the summer months can pass off smoothly.

6th March

First the mothers. Switch over to cotton clothes that can keep you cool. Drink plenty of water and avoid fried food which can make you thirsty very fast. Go for fresh fruit and boiled vegetables. Green salads are your best friend during summer. But make sure you don’t catch a cold which you might then end up passing on to the baby.

There are essentially five things for baby care during summer months:

  1. Avoid overheating: Summer diarrhea is a huge problem caused by overheating in babies. For this reason keep your baby cool at all times. Go for Light and comfortable clothing. A bath in lukewarm water, but with very little use of soap can provide a lot of relief to babies.
  2. A cool place in the house to sleep: Avoid kitchens as they tend to be the hottest part of the house. Avoid direct sunlight into the room in which the baby sleeps. But make sure that the room is well ventilated not only to keep the temperatures down, but also to provide fresh air for the baby.
  3. Comfortable clothing: This has a direct impact on the baby’s temper. Loose-fitting, cotton garments are the best. You can even take-off the baby’s clothes when it is hottest but make sure to cover the baby with a sheet to protect them from mosquito bites.
  4. Keep the skin clean: Babies suffer a great deal as a result of the rashes breaking out on their skin because of the heat. Neck or groin, in the folds of her skin at the back of her knees, or in the crease of her elbows are especially vulnerable. Do not try self-medication in such cases. Consult your baby’s pediatrician.
  5. Keep them hydrated: Probably the single important factor responsible for keeping the babies healthy during summer months and indeed any time of the year. A flushed face, skin that is warm to the touch, rapid breathing and restlessness are the warning signs to look out in cases of dehydration. Consult your doctor immediately.


The aim of the article is to be informative in a general way. Always seek expert medical advice from your doctor or pediatrician.