How to Teach Your Child To Ride a Bike.

Ease of movement is a way of freedom that children find exciting. Be it tricycles, bikes, skateboards or roller skates. Riding a bike is probably the first most thrilling adventure children explore. Some may cry, while others may be waiting impatiently for their turn. 

Children love it when they slice the wind and zip along the park roads and apartment corridors. Bicycles help children experience triumph over distances which they thought were impossible. As parents, you can help your child ride a bike in a few simple steps and some motivation.

Lower the seats

If you have a big cycle at home, lower the seat so that your child can sit on it comfortably. And when you remove the pedals, your child can freely move the bike conveniently.


Protection first! Give your child a helmet that fits well. They should feel safe in the first place.


Make your child sit on the bike and place his or her feet on the ground. With this, they become confident of the space in which they are. Ask them to hold the handle and glide to and fro by placing their foot one at a time. They may even push their bike forward by applying pressure on the ground.

Start easy

Once they are confident to balance the bike on their own, fit the pedals and start the lessons in a less crowded area. Hold the seat and ask them to look straight as it helps them steer better. Allow your child to pedal and brake as you move along with them. 

Get, Set, Go!

Practice pedaling and braking for a while, say 40-45 minutes. When they feel comfortable, move along with them once again and let them go even before they realize you have done it. Some may tumble but don’t worry. The helmet’s always there. Make sure you give support and encouragement so that they are not nervous the next time.