Important Do’s & Don’ts To Keep Your Baby’s Skin Soft & Healthy

Important Do’s & Don’ts To  Keep Your Baby’s Skin Soft & Healthy   If you think your baby is geared up to brace the harsh winters with some woolen sweaters, socks & cap, you’re probably mistaken. You’ve missed out one important winter weapon-moisturiser. Soft baby skin is the most vulnerable to the aridness of winter and there is often the one solution that doctors advise-moisturiser.

But apart from the application of the friendly moisturiser, there are other do’s and don’ts parents can keep in mind to keep their baby’s skin soft always.

Bathing Barnacles

Cut down on baths- Every bath, extracts nourishing body oils, leaving the skin dehydrated & dry. Give your baby one bath a day so that the body retains some amount of the moisture. You can also cut down on the bathing time, say from 30 mins to 10 mins. Use warm water instead of hot water and use soap sparingly. You can try and opt for soap-cleansers, they are less harsher than regular soap.

Traditionally, oil baths ensured the moisture content in the baby’s body, but oil baths can get dangerously slippery. Moisturisers after the bath are hence preferred.

Moisturiser Medleys

Apply the moisturizer within minutes after the bath, this will seal the water in the body, thereby retaining the moisture content in the skin. Make sure you use enough moisturiser and massage the body well. You can apply moisturizer sometimes again during the day. If your little one gets restless with all the slathering, you can distract him or her with a nice story or maybe schedule the lotion application according to their favourite cartoon time or as millennial mostly parents do, keep them busy with a video.

Salty Shenanigans

Salt & chlorine are not friends of soft healthy skin and so after a swim in the pool or ocean, it’s necessary to rinse with regular water and then apply moisturizer while the skin is still damp.

Holistic Hydration

Keep your little one hydrated through citrus fruits or even better, juices and a lot of water. Doctors advise mothers to keep feeding breast milk to their babies till they turn 6 months old, mainly for this reason. Breast milk has a considerable amount of water which keeps the baby hydrated.

Avoid using powder, perfumes or any ingredient which sucks out all the moisture from the skin. Unscented laundry detergents are also better than the scented ones. And if you’re child’s skin is extra sensitive consider rinse the clothes twice to make sure there’s no soap residue.

It might seem a lot, but they are small actions which can make a big difference to your baby’s health & comfort.