Keeping Your Children Organised

“Keep those toys in the right place,” “Clean your room,” “Eat before you step out,” “Where are your school socks?” Hasshh.. Getting kids organised is a very toilsome task.

While a few kids are naturally organized, for the rest, organization is a skill that needs to be taught and learned over time. But with help of practice, guidance and the right approach, kids can effectively and efficiently get organized and get things done on time.

Here are some simple ways to keep your child organised:

Introduce checklists
Encourage your little one to get into the habit of using checklists or to-do lists to keep a track of  important tasks like homework, cleaning, class timings, things to do before bed and other such things. This will ensure they complete everything for the day and don’t miss out on anything.

Set a routine

Routine is the most important thing for things to run in harmony. Studies suggest that children feel more confident and secure when their daily activities are predictable and familiar. So create a regular schedule to help kids understand what to expect throughout the day. 

Break tasks into sub-tasks

Be it school projects, homework, craft or household chores, help your little one break the bigger task into smaller, more manageable tasks. This will help them understand that each project has a beginning, middle & an end and also teach them to take on big tasks without feeling anxious.

Use a calendar

Having a calendar with all the activities written on it can help your munchkin keep track of each activity and avoid scheduling conflicts. Encourage your child to keep a personal calendar, planner, wall calendar or an electronic calendar with deadlines written on it.

Create a workspace

Create tinnie tiny workplace for your little one. A calm, fun place at home where your child can sit, study, think and plan without disturbance. Ensure to keep all the supplies like calculators, tablets, stationery, books, sticky notes or laptops in close proximity to your child’s workplace.

Fun activities for memory

Most of the time kids are unable to carry out the tasks assigned to them because they totally forget the task amid all the play and fun. So help your child remember things by associating a task with something funny or by creating fun rhymes, limericks, or chants.

Assign sorting activities

Sorting is a math skill and when a child sorts something, they are analyzing data, finding relationships among objects, and applying rules to groups. Cleaning the cupboard, puzzle sorting, ABC sorting, playing card sorting, shape sorting, photos sorting, filing papers, etc. are some sorting activities you can start with.

Managing “free time”

Managing free time is a crucial part of time management and organisation. Kids have a lot of free time so help them create and follow a schedule for each task. Conduct a weekly review of these activities and after each review a week make the required changes to the schedule to achieve the optimum schedule.

What else do you think can go up to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments section below: