Let’s Have a Green Diwali This Year!


It is that time of the year where all the houses are brightly lit and the aroma of delicious sweets and savouries waft through the streets! Yes, Diwali – the festival of lights is finally here, bringing into your homes heaps of love, peace, hope and unity. Being considered as an auspicious day to start anything new, there are a couple of rituals associated with this festival. While most of them add to the beauty of the festival there are few others that lead to various kind of pollution and inconveniences. Bursting of crackers is one such inevitable ritual. Although it is feast to the eyes with all the various colours and patterns lighting up the sky, it does cause a lot irreversible damage to the atmosphere with all the smoke that it ends up in.

Fire crackers pose a threat, not only to human beings but also to birds and animals. With global warming on the rise let’s celebrate this Diwali in an eco-friendly manner. Take a step forward to a Diwali full of fun and frolic while living in peace and harmony with the co-habitants. Here are a few tips and tricks on how you can celebrate a green Diwali.

  1.   The Joy of Giving

Double your happiness by sharing it with others. Gift a box full of smiles to those who are less privileged than you, this year. You can hide these smiles in between the sweets, books and clothes that you gift to the underprivileged children and their families. Nothing like extra happiness during a festive season.

  1.   Save Energy

It is but natural to have a bit of extra load on the electrical energy resources during a festival. Time to change that bit, instead of your regular electrical décor light up your house with earthen lamps and lanterns. These hand-crafted lamps will give your home a nice rustic feel creating a serene ambience for your guests. They bring out the beauty of the festival and are eco-friendly as well!

  1.   Why Celebrate Alone?

If you live in a community a great way of celebrating would be to put up a Cracker show for everyone in your community. This way you ensure that the ritual of bursting crackers is not left out for environmental reasons and you celebrate with all your loved ones. The other advantage of this is that along with being eco-friendly it helps the elders keep an eye on the little ones and any mishaps that might take place.

  1.   Paint the City Green

One more healthy way to celebrate the festival of lights is to plant trees. Channel the money that you have used to buy crackers towards buying saplings and planting them. This way you are taking a step towards making the earth a better place while throwing light on the importance of planting trees to our youngsters.

  1.       No More Noise

Let’s be considerate towards our neighbours starting this year. Burst all the crackers you want but opt for the less noisy ones. This way you cut down on the noise pollution thus protecting babies, birds and animals from the harmful effect caused by the loud noise of crackers. Wear your cape of concern with pride this festive season.

Wishing you all a clean and green Diwali!