Making Homework Fun

Homework.. the word itself could make your little ones crying, running away or come up with the most interesting excuses. But lets just accept the fact that as kids we also hated sitting down and finishing homework. Didn’t it feel like time just paused while doing homework? Well, if we had all these feelings for homework, expecting our cute munchkins to sit and getting the work done isn’t fair.

As a parent, we know the importance of progressing our kids academically, but do studies really have to be so stressful? Not necessarily, if you take a few efforts to make this more creative and fun, your kids will definitely love it. Here are simple ways to make homework time a bit more fun for your bubs:

Get creative: Kids love colorful stationery, crisp notebooks, stickers, colorful pens, etc. While studying, encourage your little one to draw, label, finger-paint, use stickers or pens. In short, give them liberty to get creative. This can do wonders in getting the job done!

Let them be the teacher: Kids love playing teacher. Honestly, we loved it too as kids. So create your own fun-classroom and let your child play the role of teacher. Have him or her explain a topic to you as a teacher and you could take up the role of a naughty student. 

Set a fun timer: A colorful and funky timer can be a great motivation to complete homework without excuses. Place it on the desk, set the time and go! This will keep your child from getting distracted and keep them focused on the task in hand.

Make a game out of it: Who doesn’t love games? Browse for creative ways on the internet to make a game out of different subjects. For instance, addition, subtraction, multiplication or division exercises could be a whole lot fun when the numbers are replaced with sweets or pieces of chocolate.

Step outside: Studies show that being close to nature increases productivity. So go ahead and create a comfortable space out in the garden that allows your child to do their homework outdoors.

Rewards can be a good idea: Reward your bubs with things like stickers, sweets, or the promise of going on a trail. This works magic in getting them done with the homework without a battle.

Try learning apps: There are hundreds of fun learning apps out there. They’re not just fun but also encourage learning in the most creative way. 

Breaks are important too: Exhausted brains need some time off to restart because a tired and bored brain takes a lot of time to process information. So, divide your kid’s homework into  separate pieces and encourage them to take a 10-minute break in a span of one hour.

Have you tried to make homework fun for your munchkins? Let us know in the comments below: