Mom Tips – How to Start Going Out and Meet Other New Moms

18 (1)Early motherhood days can be quite chaotic and leave you feeling lonely, especially when the relatives have all left and also if your spouse has a 9 to 5 job.

We spoke to a few new mothers and here’s what they have to say about the importance of meeting other moms and new moms in your circle. Incase you don’t have a circle, we suggest you go out and find one. Here’s why:

Anita Sahay, mother to 6 month old Aniket.

I was constantly struggling with breastfeeding my son. That is when I decided it was time to seek out some mother to mother help. Someone who has recently been in my shoes and has overcome similar struggles as mine. I reached out to mothers in my society during the evening. And I was pleasantly surprised to learn of other mothers who were in a similar position as mine. Not only that, they were eager to share their successes and struggles with me

We chatted so much and I remember I came back feeling empowered to deal with the breastfeeding issue.

Momita Mukhopadhyay, mother to 3 month old Auro

I was going a bit crazy sitting alone at home with a new born baby the whole day. I was working full time before I became a mother and yearned that kind of company and conversations. I ventured out to the local library with my son in tow.

For many days, books were my only companions. Then one day I met Anahita, another mother who came to the library for exactly the same reasons that I did. Loneliness. We bonded over not just our babies, but loads of other things. Suddenly I was happier and more contented. I think the knowledge that there are others like me out there who too are struggling with the new baby and the new dynamics that take place in our life made it easier for me.

Rita Culloden, mother to 3 month old Sophia

When Sophia was born, all my single friends eventually moved away. Even I felt there was a disconnect between us as they couldn’t relate very well to a new mother who had to be at home the whole day.

I used to escape to a nearby café in the evening moping over a cup of tea. There I met my mirror image, Phoebe. Although her son was older at 18 months, we shared a lot of things in common.

She helped me to de stress and we talked nineteen to the dozen about so many things. I mean not just about bringing up children, but also about us as people and how priorities change after a baby.

These were just a few excerpts from real women who found new life. Moms, you need to meet other moms and make friends not just because it will be helpful and convenient for you, but also because it is utterly essential to your health and happiness.