Mommy and Me Club – How to Organize a Tea Party with Your Child


Children love to go off into their imaginary world where food plays a great part. My own daughter dresses in fairy costumes every single day after school, gathers up her dolls and asks them to tea around her little table. Surprisingly, when her friends (even boys) come home, they take part in this make-believe tea party with equal gusto.

But after a while, they get tired of sipping imaginary tea and munching on invisible sandwiches, so one day, I decided to surprise her with a real tea party for her dolls and friends! And guess what, it was a roaring success! So here’s a little “how-to” on organizing a simple tea-party where your kids can participate in the preparations as well as enjoy the goodies!

My Menu:

Cucumber sandwiches

Ginger Lemonade

Nutella Bites

  1. Cover a low table with a colorful little tablecloth. Bring out some plastic tea cups and a tea pot, complete with spoons and side plates.
  2. Next make the lemonade and be sure to add a few drops of ginger juice so it isn’t the usual fare for the children.
  3. Pour it in a tea pot and set it on the table
  4. Use soft white bread for the sandwiches. Cut off the edges and make triangles. Apply a thin layer of butter on each triangle. Set it aside. Cut paper thin slices of cucumber and sprinkle the tiniest amount of salt. Keep aside.
  5. Keep the slices and bread in 2 separate platters so children can make their own sandwich when they sit down to the tea party.
  6. Take your child’s favorite cookie and slather it with Nutella.
  7. Arrange the cookies in a neat little platter and set it on the table.
  8. Keep colorful paper napkins on each chair and a flower arrangement as a centerpiece. Remember, make it a visual delight to get a wow effect.

Now you can invite your child’s friends or keep it a private party of you and your child. Make sure you dress up and have your child dress up in her favorite costume and let the party begin!!!