Motherhood in all its Glory – An account by a first time Mother

Motherhood in all it's glory


Ever since my childhood, I had no desire to be near children, let alone bear a child one day. Growing up, I was the youngest and never had to deal with any children in my own family, unless we had visitors who brought their children along. And then too, my interaction with them were punctuated with awkward pauses.

Fast forward to my 29th year, when I discovered that I was pregnant with twins, my initial fear of dealing with children skyrocketed to mammoth proportions. Here I was, already scared about whether I was equipped and qualified to be a mother, let alone raise 2 babies at once! How was it ever going to be possible?

I’ve been a mom for 3 years now. And I can confidently answer all of the questions above with a “Yes”. Motherhood changes you. It may be the one of the most clichéd thing you ever hear but if it weren’t true, it wouldn’t be so clichéd. So here I am, with a few pearls of wisdom to share with all the first time mommies out there.

Get ready to sleep less and in small snatches 

I’m sure all of you have heard of this one before. Maybe a well meaning relative or a new mother herself would have testified to the fact that sleeping becomes more precious than all the gold in the world. Motherhood awakens an extra sense in you which will make you aware of the tiniest noise or even a small movement by your baby. Sleeping alas!Will never be the same again! 

Finances will need a re-look 

Being confined to home with twins not only meant I wasn’t earning anymore but also doubled the cost of everything from clothes, to diapers to savings for their education. A word of advice, not every piece of baby gear is necessary. Choose wisely and invest only in those which will make your life significantly simpler. 

Evolving relationships 

Your relationship with your spouse will change. In fact your relationship with everyone will change because you will also change with an addition to your family. Your baby will be an extension of you, literally! But after the initial few months, you will start to get the hang of things and they will improve. 

Accept help when help is required 

If there ever was a time to accept a helping hand, this is one. People offering you a seat on a bus? Accept it. Friends offering to babysit your baby when you need to duck out for a parlour visit? Accept it. In-laws or parents offering to help you out with household chores? Accept it. 

Appreciate these glorious years

It may seem difficult to see through the whirlwind of activity. But these first few years really do pass by very fast. Every year you will wish you could bring back the year that went by and the sweet memories associated with it. It is a great idea to keep a journal and jot down some of these memories so they can serve you when these years are long gone. 

And just like me, you too will realize, that you are not kids averse after all!