Must Have Baby Products

AC: check, cooler: check, fresh juices: check, tonnes of water: check, cooling powders: check, cotton clothing: check!! Prepping up for summers is a no-brainer for adults but when it comes to our little ones we might have to go a step ahead to protect those rosy smooth cheeks from the scorching heat.

Experts advise that you keep babies under 6 months old away from sun exposure. For older babies, whether you want to hit the beach, play in the small backyard poll or just roam around the city; summers add just a little extra fun to all these activities. 

Here are our picks for the best beat-the-heat must-have baby products for an exciting summer:

Sunscreen. If your summer activity involves sun exposure then keep a sunscreen that has zinc oxide handy. This ingredient ensures to protect your bub’s delicate skin from harmful UV rays. You can even look out for ingredients like cocoa, shea butter and aloe vera extracts for a soothing effect.

A hat. Ensure to always cover your munchkin’s head as you step out of the house. Choose the one that’s big enough to cover ears, head and the back of their neck. You will go “awww” looking at their cuteness.

Breathable clothing. Light-colored, lightweight and cotton fabric protects skin and also keeps the body cool. Even though less is more in summers, while going outdoor dress your pumpkin in clothes that cover hands and legs.

Sunglasses. This is the most adorable accessory for your baby. Too much UV exposure is a big NO-NO, safeguarding those tinnie tiny eyes with a high-quality pair of sunglasses that block 99 percent of UV rays is recommended. For the water activities, opt for sunglasses with an elastic strap, comfy silicone and UVA/UVB protective lenses.

Baby lotion. The hot weather with dry winds can make your buttercup’s skin dry, flaky and itchy. Apply a baby lotion everyday after bath time. You can find many chemical-free options infused with herbs that lock in moisture and restore softness.

Rash cream. In summers, prolonged use of diapers can lead to rash and irritation. Find a diaper rash cream and apply it on your baby’s bottoms every time you put on a fresh diaper.

Water bottle. Always take a water bottle or sippy cup before stepping out. At regular intervals, give the bottle to your baby. A few signs to lookout for thirst are a flushed face, warm skin, and rapid breathing.

Outdoor blanket. There’s a possibility that your activities might involve spending loads of time on the ground. So get a safe, water-resistant and durable blanket to place the baby on top of it. 

Can you think of some products that can go up in this list? Share your ideas with us: