Newborn Cries and the 5 Cries You Need To Know

Understanding baby tears can be very daunting for new parents. Have you heard about an Australian lady called Priscilla Dunstan who claims to understand the baby language? It’s old news but many new parents in India still don’t know about this.


Ever since Priscilla Dunstan was a toddler, she had a special gift. This gift enabled her to remember sounds she has heard only once for the rest of her life!

This graphic memory with sounds helped her when she became mother to her son Tom. This gift enabled her to pick out certain sound patterns made by him in infancy. When he would repeat these sounds again, she realized he was actually communicating to her about his needs.

When she met other infants, she realized they were making the same sounds. That is when she realized that she was onto something much bigger. She figured that babies had certain reflexes owing to the physiological changes in their bodies and these led the babies to produce sounds that Priscilla understood.

Priscilla claims that all babies communicate with 5 universal sounds, regardless of their gender, race and geographical location. Let’s check out these noises, shall we?

  1. Neh – This sound means that the baby is hungry. The science behind this sound is that babies have a natural reflex for sucking. When they’re hungry, their sucking reflex makes this sound. Since they have no teeth, it is duller than how we would sound if we made that sound.
  2. Owh – This sound means the baby is sleepy. This sound is a result of the natural reflex of a yawn. Sure enough, if you try to yawn while making a sound, it would sound something like this.
  3. Heh – This is when the baby is in discomfort. Try to listen to the “H” part of it to distinguish it from the “Hen” sounds. This is when your baby could be too hot or cold, may need a diaper change or could be in pain.
  4. Eair – This open mouthed sound typically means the baby has lower gas. This sound is produced because the breathing is difficult and exhaling it makes it easier.
  5. Eh – Short Eh sounds means baby has an air bubble and needs a good burp. This is sound is short and staccato like because the baby is trying to get it out.

These 5 sounds only apply to babies between 0 to 3 months old. So go on mommies, try this with your babies and do let us know if you are able catch a nap!