Nurture the ‘ability to achieve’ in your kids by giving them your quality time


Is your child falling behind in his school these days? Do you think he is unable to achieve his full potential? If you are worried about your children’s progress and want them to achieve more, one of the easiest solutions would be to give them your quality time.

In today’s world, where every parent has their own set of chores, be it inside or outside the house, the kind of time that you spend with your children has a direct impact on their achievements. Parents can help nurture their children’s talents by utilising the time spent with them in an effective way.

Here are some tips that you can follow to make the most of your time with your children:

  • Your child should be your primary focus

When you decide to spend time with your kids, your primary focus should be them. Keep all the other work aside and make your kids the priority for that period of time. Only when you sit with them and try to understand what they are doing, you will get a better idea about what goes on in their mind.

Especially the younger ones, they always crave for their parents’ attention and want to be good in front of them. Therefore, if you completely focus on what they are doing, you can figure out their weaknesses and strengths. Observe how they go about a problem and try to make the process easier for them.

  • Commit to being a role model

Many parents forget that they are the primary role models in their children’s lives. You should remember that whatever your actions are, your kids tend to repeat or imbibe them permanently. Therefore, parents need to be a little cautious about their actions in front of their kids.

While you are spending time with your kids, try and show them better qualities. Try and teach them good morals and values. You should constantly be aware that whatever time you are spending with your kid should go in developing a better personality for them so that they become a better person.

  • Support them and teach them to be emotionally intelligent

When it comes to providing support to your child, the primary kind of support is an emotional support. If you are emotionally available for the child, there is no better time spent with your child than that. The child should be comfortable opening up to you about his/her problems and thoughts without any prejudice.

While you should be emotionally available for your kid, you should also teach them to be emotionally intelligent and understand as to how they should react in a certain situation. The technology these days is so advanced that parenting has become a part time job whereas the technological thrills of life have taken over. Unless and until you are sure what your kid is watching, reading and seeing, don’t let him make any strong emotional decisions.

  • Teach them the small things that matter

Gone are the days when a moral science class was given more importance than a mathematics class or a science class. Our values are a part of who we are and define us. Therefore, we need to imbibe good moral values in our kids.

Teach them the difference between the right and the wrong and in situations, teach them how to decide between the two. The growing technology is always going to have an impact on how the children take their decisions, but intelligent parenting is what helps the most in preventing the technology from having a bad effect.

If you are a parent in the new age and are looking to slowly cultivate your children, it’s time to buckle up and step up your game! Before technology takes over your child’s complete time, take some time off to spend with your child and male sure it leaves the right impact for the greater good of humanity!