Parenting Tips That Make Children More Better Students & Confident Individuals

Parenting Tips That Make Children More Better Students & Confident IndividualsParents often get too tensed about their children’s exams and go overboard when it comes to their children’s future. Instead of getting all riled about how much they’ll score and  which colleges they should apply to, spend your time and energy in supporting them.

  • Encourage your children to do their very best and not worry about the results. Your children should enjoy studying or the academic process. If you keep burdening them with questions about their marks, certificates etc they’ll find books/academics repelling. This eventually defeats the purpose, instead of becoming better and confident students, they end up hating academics.
  • Try and indulge in more inclusive parenting. Encourage your children to participate in making certain decisions about their interest, school or their future. Many parents decide many things for their children, assuming that they know them. They enroll them for a game or a hobby class, which they are not interested in and turn a blind eye to things they actually are interested in. This increases the distance between you and them and then you wonder, why they don’t share more with you. Don’t underestimate your child intelligence or ability to make decisions, but at the same time know when to step in. you as parents do have more experience and that can help refine the decisions your children make.
  • Positive reinforcement must not be directed towards results alone. Efforts must be rewarded equally. This will encourage your children to do their very best, no matter what. Children will then respect ideal and ethical ways to grow rather than just falling into bad habits like cheating or lying just to succeed.
  • Empower your children by giving them the independence to take initiatives. involve them in certain household chores so that they learn to take responsibility. They’ll grow up to be confident individuals, instead of depending on you for every tiny little thing. They also learn to value their independence better.