Positive Effects Of Dance On Children

1-2 ta da, da.. 3-4 ta da, da.. 5-6 ta da, daaaa.. Even the words “let’s dance” could get your little one jumping and moving all over the place. Dancing and moving to a rhythm is like second nature to kids. It is not only the most fun activity for your buttercups but is also a great way to keep them fit.

A lot of people believe that dancing is an art form. But honestly, it is both a sport and an art form. Dancing gets all of your muscles moving & it requires great physical stamina, strong muscles and impressive flexibility. In short, dancers are just as athletic as footballers, runners or swimmers. Here are some additional positive effects of dancing on children:

Happy feets, happy kid and happy you!

Physical activity with music is an amazing combination- it makes people feel happy internally. Scientific reason for this is the action causes the brain to produce a chemical that is related to happiness. This naturally occurring chemical will make your bub keep coming to the dance floor.

A smart and sharp bub

Dancing improves child’s brain function by enhancing thought process and muscle memory. The process of repeating dance moves teaches kids importance of learning new things not just in the studio but in all aspects of life. That’s why dancers become good at learning and picking up things quickly.

Boosted self-confience 

Dancing is an excellent way to boost emotions. Studies have shown that dancing provides an expressive outlet and an opportunity to learn something new which ultimately leads to increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

Say HI to the buzzing social bee!

Dance nurtures your pumpkin with social encounter, interaction, and cooperation. It also helps communicate ideas through body movements. And, if your kid is dancing with a group, it will teach them the value of teamwork, trust and openness. By the end, your bub will break out of their shell and develop self-esteem and communication skills.

And, a creative cupcake

Dance leads to a creative outlet of art, music or theater. Through dance, the body expresses freedom and provides impulses and connections in your brain. This will allow your bub to respond creatively and find solutions. Just encourage your munchkin to use dance as a journey to discover new skills and creativity.

Finally, apart from all these benefits, the most important part about dance is to have fun! So let your kid have fun and you could join-in too at times.