Pros And Cons Of Bringing Up Your Child In A Joint Family

Pros And Cons Of Bringing Up Your Child In A Joint Family

There was a time when going home meant going to a mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, grandmother, grandfather, cousins, and some more uncles, some more aunts, some more cousins and the list is never-ending. But today, a child goes home to a mother, a father may be a sister or brother. Nuclear families are the new family life, compact, practical & dynamic.

So what are the pros and cons of growing in a joint family

Pros first!

  • There is so always someone at home for the child when parents are busy.
  • The child grows to be people-friendly.
  • There is always someone to listen to in case of personal issues, grievances.
  • Children learn some basic values like sharing, being sensitive to others’ feelings, and helping each other.
  • They grow up with grandparents who, brimming with experience & wisdom,  are always enriching companions for children.
  • They celebrate festivals together, are more keen to keep traditions alive.


  • Children in joint families are often amidst an overwhelming amount of noise, people, making it difficult to concentrate on academics.
  • Parenting is tough especially when surrounded by aunts, uncles & pampering grandparents.
  • Parents find it hard to enjoy some privacy with their children.
  • Children need space to grow up and with a home teeming with people all the time that becomes difficult.
  • They are often subjected to comparisons or biases when cousins are in close proximity.

Whatever may be the pros and cons of living in a joint family, there is no stronger foundation than the foundation of a family for a child to grow up. The family is one of society’s most important pillar; the only source of unconditional love & support a child enjoys and deserves!