Raising children with positive attitude



Parenting, as most of us have had the occasion to find out, is a thankless job. When our kids do well, the world praises them for their achievement. And when they behave badly, well, it is the parents – especially mothers – who get to bear the brunt of criticism.

Kind of makes sense why our mothers tended to be on tenterhooks at social gatherings we were taken to. Kids tend to be a little too gregarious at times and end up being a little too obnoxious and ill-disciplined for the standards set by mothers. While dad soon got engrossed in a conversation on sports or politics, it was left to mother to keep her flock in check.


Well, mothers are always well-equipped to deal with any situation at hand. A stern look in the eye supplemented by an imperceptible nod of the head fixed most things on the spot, while a gentle dressing down back home showed everyone who was the boss!

But good kids raised well, hardly fall out of line and every mother wants her children to be good human beings with right set of moral and ethical values. She leaves no stone unturned to achieve it and fervently hopes that her children turn out exactly the way she hoped they would.

So how do mothers raise children with positive attitudes and right set of core values?

Power of mothers lie in their ability to have profound influence on their children. Fathers are equal partners in raising a great family, but their role varies slightly, which is to supplement and support mothers’ road map for the family. That’s why they say,‘we are what our mothers made us.’  Mothers help us to develop our personalities using our own ‘self.’

Self-discipline: Mothers help children to create a self-disciplinary regime and encourage them to stay true it. They course-correct when necessary.

Self-sufficiency: Mothers help children to help themselves and not rely on others to do their job. That is, teaching them the value of getting their hands dirty.

Self-worth: Mothers help children to realize their true worth and what they are capable of achieving if they put their mind to it.

Self-made: Mothers point out the prestige involved in being the reason for one’s own success. They give you the confidence that nothing is beyond your capabilities.

Self-assurance: Mothers help children to be confident and composed at all times which equips them to cope with unexpected situations later in life.

Self-belief: Mothers encourage the children to believe in themselves at all times, regardless of the challenges they face in life.

It may be necessary to point out at this stage that, a single parent or non-biological parents are equally capable of raising wonderful children. It is the commitment to the cause that matters. So, the points discussed here are equally relevant and applicable to them.