Random Acts of Kindness for Kids To Do

What are the acts of kindness you want your children to do when they are in a situation? You may want them to say thank you when they receive something or maybe help their friend feel better when sad. Helping their grandparents get their walking sticks or earphones when they are looking for them also can be an act of kindness. But the secret to getting this working with your children is your reactions which they will mirror.


During festival seasons or special occasions, if you donate your used things to the less privileged, make sure your child also has a role to play.


Usually, when it comes to favorite toys, children get a bit selfish. Though you know it’s quite the rule if you reward your child for sharing the precious toy with their friend, they might do it. 

Kind Words

Use kind words and show care and concern to elderly family members and less privileged people so that children learn it’s nice to be kind. Teach your child to make their granny or grandpa happy with a compliment like “Grand Dad, you look great today” or “You are the best Granny in the world”.  

Thank You Notes

Some children are introverts, and they may not show their emotions openly. In such cases, if you know your child would love to make friends, help him make a thank you card or a note of appreciation to share with them. This would break the ice and make your child feel comfortable.


Hugs work like magic. It’s a warm gesture to show you like and accept the other person. Encourage your child to give a hug when a friend comes home as a token of his acceptance.