Safeguarding your children against dangers on the playground

In our bid to get our children more outdoor play, we must also safeguard them against seemingly harmless outdoors. This article is does not intend to prevent you from sending your child outdoors to play, but to ensure that when you do so, proper safety precautions are undertaken to everybody has a good time.

Safety in Playgrounds:

The first thing to look out for in any playground is that the play equipment is age appropriate. Younger children paying on equipment meant for older children is an accident waiting to happen. Chances are that the equipment is too heavy, too high or too fast.
A good playground must have separate sections for older and younger children.

Look out for soft landing surfaces at the base of slides, swings or any play equipment. Asphalt, concrete and even grass make a landing or a fall serious. Soft foam tiles, rubber mats and sand make a landing softer.

Needless to say, always keep an eye on your child. Especially when there are other children on swings. Teach your child to look out for himself/herself and be aware of the surroundings.On sunny days check if the metal on the play equipment isn’t too hot before putting your child on it.Sand in the sandpit should ideally be dry and changed often. Moist sand is a breeding ground for ants and other infection causing germs. Children are usually immune to most of these germs but as often as possible steer clear of sand that is too old and/or moist.

Watch out for play equipment that looks rusty and hasn’t been used in a long time. Rust weakens the metal, making it easier to break when tensed with weight. Rusted ends and corners can cut skin making children prone to tetanus. As far as possible, choose playgrounds that are regularly used by children.Sharp points, protruding corners, uncovered openings are all dangerous for unsuspecting children. Usually your child will recognize danger, but in their pre-occupation, it is easy for them to overlook these dangers, so be vigilant at all times.

Dress your child in full clothes that covers arms and feet. It helps to blunt the impact of an injury. But be careful not dress your child in sweaters or sweatshirts that can get caught in play equipment.