Screen Free Activities For Children

Are you tired of always seeing your bub stuck to either mobile, iPad, TV or phone screen?

While we are not anti-screens, but too much time in front of the screens can hamper your munchkin’s creativity. 

So here are some fun activities for your children:

Create and play board games. Take a sheet of paper and draw your own game. You can use pathways, puzzles or little toys for the game pieces. Just roll the dice and get going with limitless possibilities.

Drawwww. Get some colouring books or simple prints from the internet. Take a handful of crayons, pencil colours, or watercolours and start creating masterpieces with your munchkin.

Play the make me laugh game. You can play this game with all the family members. Start from one person and while others try to make him or her laugh, the person has to control laughter. Whoever records the highest time without laughing wins. 

Go on a scavenger hunt in nature. As simple as it sounds, go on nature trails with your little bub, explore the surroundings and on the way you can collect all the fun and attractive things.

Sing and dance together. Give your pumpkin a taste of what you experienced in your childhood. Just put on some fun videos on YouTube and get popping on the beats.

Get some books. Visit the library or ‘pick-up any book’ store to get some books. You can read them out to your kid or ask them to read out to you.

Cook together. Kids love helping with basic tasks in the kitchen. Bake with them or you can even make chocolates in fun and creative moulds.

Indulge in the craft. From duct tape wallets, origamis, paper dolls, food art, paper ninja stars to star war crafts- there are infinite craft ideas you can get from the internet.

Get some slime. Slime can keep kids of all ages engaged and having fun. You can get tons of safe, borax-free slime recipes online.

Stickers. Kids absolutely love stickers! Just give them a small sticker pad or sticker sheet and let them have fun. It’s also a fine motor activity.

How do keep your little ones away from the screen? Let us know in the comments below.