Steps To Getting Kids Sleep In Their Beds.

How often have you felt like having a whole bed to sleep in after a tiring day? With little children around, dreaming of a peaceful sleep may remain a dream if not gone about the right way. 

Parents may have different reasons for letting their children sleep with them or not shifting them to a separate room. However, when it comes to developing healthy habits for the well being of your child, it is better to hedge your bets. Here are some practical steps to get your children to sleep in their beds.

Build up

When you know that you are moving your child to his or her room, talk to them about it now and then. Let them start feeling special about graduating to a separate room. Make sure you have a sleep-friendly room for your child. Also, remember to give positive reinforcement about your child growing up to become independent. 

Simple Tricks to Begin

Sometimes children may want to come back to your room in the middle of the night. Reasons could be anxiety, fear of loneliness, fear of darkness etc. Sometimes a cool night lamp can assure your child the confidence he or she needs to sleep alone or a ghost spray to keep away the ghost they are afraid of. 

Phase-out technique.

With this technique, you can be with your child to make them feel comfortable sleeping in their own bedroom. Sleep on the floor, next to your child to start with. A few days later, stay in the room, maybe on a chair, until your child is asleep and gradually practice being at the door till your child feels sleepy and finally stop being near the room at all. It may take 2-3 weeks until your child comes to terms with the new routine.

Be consistent. 

No matter what new routine you are trying to help your child with, be consistent. Children may lookout for ways to sneak back to your bedroom. Even if you are tired and awake in the middle of the night, put them back in their room and assure them of your presence when needed. Sometimes actions are better than words.