When They Are Bored, What Then?

Bored ChildIf you live with children, you have probably heard the phrases “I’m bored” or “What Can I Do, I’m Bored?” a few dozen times, if not more. You will definitely hear it quite often if you have a large family with more than one child. Even when they have someone to play with, they are going to think they are bored at one time or another. If you are busy and can’t entertain them, designate them to clean their room. Tell them they can do some extra chores. Sometimes this will get them off your back. They will either complain about having to clean and walk off or throw you off and want to help you clean. If they are that bored, then you might get some extra help for the day.

If you want to entertain them, there are some things you might be able to do just in your city or town. How expensive it will be to entertain them is going to vary depending on where and what you do. What you do also depends on the age of your children.

A roller rink is an option if you have one where you live. Usually they are affordable and kids love them. If you don’t want to chaperone and they are old enough to drop off, make sure you give them money for admission, skate rental, change for a locker and money for something to drink if they have been fed. The older children usually think the roller rink is the place to go, especially when other school kids are there too!

If they don’t want to skate, depending on their age, they will probably want to go see a movie. Make sure you feed them before though, movie theatre food can be expensive if you are treating multiple children. This usually is one place you can’t go wrong, unless there are too many people there and you can’t find a seat.

Other ideas would be to look online for events in your area. Depending on where you live, your city might have some sort of local website that is updated with events. You also could go on a picnic to the park, take a trip to the mall for some window shopping, go fishing, take a class, etc. There are many things you can do when your children are bored, just have to find what works best for you and your pocketbook.

Image Source: [freedigitalphotos.net]