Help For the Temper Tantrums

temper tantrumFor those of you that have raised children you know that times can be tough when it comes to raising a toddler. Toddlers are full of energy and emotions. Dealing with toddlers can be tough especially when you are in public and your little one starts to throw a tantrum. A tantrum is not the sign of having a bad kid, but a way that they cope with their feelings and emotions. The best thing to do in this situation is to try to calm down your child before it gets out of hand. There are a few ways to help your toddler when he or she is acting up. Remember, this is an important stage of their life and they need you to help them learn to grow.

One of the first things you might do when a tantrum starts to arise is to ignore their behaviour. Sometimes ignoring them may seem impossible, especially if you are not at home. This seems to be a very effective way to stop these toddlers in their tracks. If you are at home, leave the room or move to another room. Your child will then see that what he / she is doing is not working and may stop. If your child is one that has a habit of breaking things or trying to inflict hurt on itself, be sure to keep an eye but do not let the child know you are watching. You will want to make sure your child is safe as it goes through this. If ignoring the problem doesn’t work you can try talking to the little one and explain how you feel about the way he /she is acting. You may think it is silly expressing your feelings to a toddler but it will help them express their feelings to you later in time.

You might also try to imitate your child. This could cause the tantrum to stop or it could make it worse. Doing this has been effective in distracting children enough to stop the tantrum in its tracks. If they throw themselves on the floor, do the same. They might just stop their tantrum and start laughing at you. They might think what you are doing looks silly and they may just stop doing it.

If your child acts up in a public place, be quick and try to take him / her to some place quiet. Tantrums can be very stressful in public and also can be embarrassing to some. Try to stay calm and let your child know that you are not ok with what is happening. Let your child know if he / she continue to act this way in front of everyone that certain privileges will be taken away. If the tantrum does not stop, it may be best just to take your child home and let them get the rest they need. It is okay to feel embarrassed or mad. Try different methods with your child and see which one works best. Remember that they are only a toddler once and they will eventually grow out of this stage.

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