Teach your Child to be Thankful

In today’s world, one thing that is most difficult to be found is ‘satisfaction’.  We human beings never think, feel or say that what we have is quite a bit. Rather we fail to enjoy what we have, in search of what we don’t have. It is good to be ambitious and aspiring. But at the same time, if we fail to see what we have got and focus only on the glass that is half empty, then we would never be able to taste ‘happiness’.

How many times in a day do we actually thank the Almighty for what He has given us? Do we ever thank Him for the simplest things which we take for granted like getting a parking place easily, getting a green signal at the road which is generally jammed, for getting ample supply of water, for electricity without which our urban life would come to a standstill, for getting the hot delicious food on the table every day, for the light and warmth of the sun, and so on….The list is endless, if we actually open our eyes to see the same.

We seem to be so occupied and stressed in focusing on what we don’t possess, that we fail to derive pleasures in the simplest things, the absence of which would make our life miserable.

This attitude of ours reflects in our children, because they have more or less the same vision as ours. We teach our children how to look at the world, knowingly or unknowingly.

Quite often our children crib and complain about the toys that they don’t have, about their dress that is less trendy than their friend’s dress, about the luxury car that their neighbour’s son drives, in front of their so-called ‘ordinary’ one. For them too, the list is endless and we as parents, feel that inspite of doing so much, we cannot satisfy them. It is because we never imbibed in them, the magic of gratitude. Teach them to be thankful for everything that they have or are getting in their life. But before doing so, remember the old saying, ‘Practice before you preach’, and see the enchantment in your and your children’s life. They will always be thankful to you for the rest of their life…..

Re-published with permission from the blog of ParentEdge, a bi-monthly parenting magazine that aims to expose parents to global trends in learning and partner with them in the intellectual enrichment of their children. This blog was written by Raina Bajaj, who has worked in the education sector for many years now. Working with children in their formative years has given her insight into in understanding children’s needs, aspirations, desires and psychology.

Image courtesy: Google Images