Teach Your Children Responsibility With Age-Appropriate Chores

Teach Your Children Responsibility With Age-Appropriate Chores Do you want your kids to grow up as independent and responsible individuals, then you gotta start early. We need to take a hint from older generation parents who got their kids to do certain chores in the house. Household chores keep your kids occupied and more importantly get them to value things and people around them.  Here are some age-appropriate chores your children can do:

Let’s start with the youngest ones

2-3 year old

  • Putting away toys after play time (they’ll value them more and even avoid misplacing them)
  • Dropping dirty clothes into the laundry (they’ll be introduced to the concept of hygiene)
  • Wiping up spills (they’ll learn to take responsibility)
  • Piling up books (again, this will teach them to value books and knowledge)
  • Dusting: (this can just be limited to their rooms)

4-5 year old

  • Making the bed (make this a practice after their brushing routine)
  • Clearing the table (let them get back to their games/cartoons only after they finish doing this)
  • Water the plants (learning to respect and value nature is critical, especially in these times)
  • Wash plastic plates at the sink (make it practice to wash plates after a quick snack or cereal)

 6-7 year old

  • Sorting laundry (this is easy, not messy)
  • Sweeping floors (they start with one room at a time)
  • Help make and pack  lunch for school (this will teach them not to waste food)
  • Tidy up the bedroom before they leave for school (teach them the value of cleanliness)

These chores not only teach your children values but also make them independent, so that you don’t have to be there all the time for every small thing. And this independence will give them a sense of achievement. They’ll not just these as chores being laid on them but like duties which make them feel good about themselves.