Teaching Kids to Be Smart About Strangers

As parents, we always feel there’s something strange about strangers. From various unfortunate incidents around the world, where children have been prey to acts of miscreants, it’s high time children know to sense danger and find their safe way out.  

Take Nothing From Strangers

Let children know that accepting something from a stranger invites trouble. Candies or balloons can lure children, and people with malicious intent often use these tools to trap them. Tell children not to accept anything from strangers or pick up packets or gift boxes that catch their attention.

Follow Instincts

Children today are more clever than adults and mostly do not accept anything at face value. Let this be their trump card. Children who question things can find out what’s right and wrong for them. Just encourage them to follow their gut feeling as it might help them be smart about strangers too.

Shout Loud

The moment children feel something peculiar about a person’s behavior toward them, shouting loud will give a sense of power over the situation. It is also a way to bring others’ attention to them when they need help.

Show Some Of The Safe Spots

Places which you often visit with your children will be familiar to them. Remind your child to make use of this familiarity when they are alone. They would know where the security personnel are available or which way to emergency exit from a mall, a supermarket, or a park. Let them also know that being in a common crowded area like a bus bay or a metro station is safer to escape from the stranger and seek quick help.