The Benefits of Creative Activities for Children

Shobika-blog-300x200We all know people who love to indulge in creative activities like painting, crafting, writing, dancing and so on. Ever wondered what keeps them going? What makes this someone keep making hand crafted goods or keep writing thoughtful articles? If you ask anybody who engages in creative pursuits, they will tell you how they not only love the process of making something but they also enjoy the praises showered by others. Further, the satisfaction of seeing something that one has created is also unmatched.

Creativity, an often unrecognized attribute, is present in each one of us but only some choose to let their creative juices flow. As parents/educators, the earlier you sow the creative seed, the more chances there are that your ward will be in touch with his/her creative side later in life.

Creative arts of all forms have been used as tools of expression, communication and release by individuals, schools as well as therapists. Research suggests that when individuals are involved in the art of making something, they are tuned into themselves, thus giving value to self, while at the same time expressing what is inside. Creative arts are not only good for mental health but also for physical health and relationships. Researcher R. Reiner from New York University suggests based on his study that, crafts de-stress. This is also indicative of the fact that engaging in crafts is not compatible with emotions like anger, worry, obsession or anxiety. Crafts can transport one to another place and often times, assist in the journey of life.

The benefits of creative activities are manifold for people of all age groups. Apart from the obvious developmental benefits, there are other well documented benefits of creative arts when adopted by young children:

Creativity boost: Activities that encourage generation of new ideas allow children to use their imagination and as a result help them in developing their own perspectives and make them more thoughtful and inventive; attributes crucial not only for education but also helpful in life.

Increased Happiness: Expression of emotions via arts and crafts can help children to feel calmer and happier. These are also great ways to work with children exhibiting any kind of emotional/social problem.

Building up of patience: Most craft activities require children to follow guidelines and some activities require repeated attempts, thereby, helping children become more patient. Being patient is an important virtue and it helps children particularly when trying to work on long projects.