The Best Summer Food & Beverages For Your Kids

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Is your child getting unusually cranky at the dinner table? Finding it difficult to get them to eat food which they otherwise gobble up? What do you think could be the reason for this sudden fall in appetite?
It is the summer heat! It is the season when they expel more energy than their body has and are invariably dehydrated due to excess sweating.

We give you tips on how you can change their diet and fuel them through the summer in a way, that they find relief from the heat in the food they eat.

Fruits, of course, will be first on the list.
Though it is the season of the King of Fruits-Mango, watermelon is the best choice as a summer fruit! juicy, luscious watermelons are made up of 92% water, they hydrate well and cleanse toxins from the body. The vitamin A content keeps the skin fresh & healthy.
Look out for the watermelon with the yellow splotch on it-it is generally sweeter than the others.

A vegetable that is actually a fruit-any guesses? Yes, you are right! Tomatoes prevent skin pigmentation & tanning. Tomato served in the form of a juice or in salads or even raw piece with some salt & pepper, for flavour, is a must for your summer food palette.

The cool cat! The cucumber is a common sight on Indian dining tables during summers. The long green ‘kakdi’ keeps you hydrated & contains fiber, and thereby prevents constipation. You ll see street vendors carry heaps of cucumbers on their carts and cutting pieces of it with salt, pepper & chaat masala sprinkled on them! Replicate this at home and see your kid gobble them in no time!

Tall glasses of lassi are a common sight in the land of Punjab but if you are a curd eating household you can bring Punjab home! Apart from accompanying each meal with curd or raita(salad mixed with curd), you could end your meals with sweet lassi as your dessert!

Try and give coconut chutney a break and switch to mint leaves/pudina instead. Pudina is a great coolant & reduces body heat and acidity and makes digestion easier. Kids are often disturbed by irregular digestion during summers which makes them lose appetite. Pudina keeps a check on body heat!

Coming to the beverages, apart from the usual nariyal pani/limbu pani, try khus sherbet & aam panna!
The Khus Sherbet is a popular drink across India. This fragrant herb carries a woody aroma and is a great digestive! It also helps the mind calm & cools down the nervous system. Avoid buying khus, it may contain artificial flavours, ideally you should make the sherbet with the dried herb in its raw form.

Excess mangoes generate body heat but raw mangoes do just the opposite!
A rich source of Vitamins B1, B2, C and niacin, aam panna or raw mango juice, treats gastrointestinal disorders and increases resistance against TB, anemia, cholera & dysentery. Aam panna breaks can do good for kids who love spending their summer holidays outdoors!