The Fantastic 5 Tell You Why You Should Celebrate Dussehra


In the line of festivities that will follow Dussehra is considered to be one of the most important and auspicious festivals in India. This festival is celebrated in various forms of grandeur across the Asian Sub Continent. The name Dussehra comes from the Sanskrit term Dasha-hara which means ‘remover of bad fate’. This festival also goes by other names; Vijaya Dashami or Vijayadasami, Navratri and Durgotsav.

According to the Hindu Calendar this festival falls on the tenth day of the bright half (Shukla paksha) of the month of Ashwin (Ashwayuja). It is a very auspicious holiday in India and celebrates the victory of good over evil.

The Puranas also state that warrior Goddess Durga slayed the buffalo Demon Mahishasura on this day because of which she also referred to as Mahishasura Mardhini.

The festival of Dussehra is celebrated by having special prayer meetings and food offerings in homes and temples from the 1st day to the 10th day. Huge fairs and special parades are held with large effigies of Ravana. The streets throng with the sound of song and drums bringing out the creativity of the locals as they burn the mythical king of ancient Sri Lanka on bonfires.

Now let’s get to the Crux of the Matter. Why should we celebrate Dussehra?

Here are 5 reasons why you should

  1.    The oldest origin of this festival is demarcated by Lord Ram (the 8th avatar of Lord Vishnu) defeating and slaying the great demon of Lanka, Ravana. As a part of the celebrations devotees stage the story often known as Ram Lila to entertain and educate the youth about the Epic of Ramayana. Hence the festival of Dussehra is celebrated to remember this great victory.
  2.    It also observed as very auspicious and lucky for those who want to begin a new chapter of their lives be it a new project, venture or journey. This day gives hopes to those who want to ascertain something worthwhile. If you all have some big things in the pipelines 11th October would be the best day to get them going.
  3.   Little do we notice that this festival serves as a seasonal source of income for craftsmen. They work all through the year creating beautiful decorations and embellishments, graceful statues of Goddess Durga and creative effigies of the demon Ravana. By celebrating this festival we award their talent as well as help them earn their bread, thus multiplying their devotion and happiness tenfold.
  4.    Here is yet another advantage of the festival being celebrated all over the country. Everyone gets a holiday to celebrate, rejoice and relax with their loved ones. Allowing them to take a break from their otherwise busy routines.
  5.    For those of you who are in search of some spiritual realisation the festival of Dussehra is the culmination of the mantra, sadhana and havan. This helps bring out those energies to allow creative thoughts to flourish and give you the strength to slay the demons within. Defeat your ego and allow the spirituality in you to step up.

However powerful and vicious the evil within there will always be a divine force within allowing the good in you to become stronger.

Wishing you all a happy Dussehra!