The Most Important Things Your Child Needs From You as a Parent.

Children are like saplings that need deep planting, nurturing, and pampering. Without continuous monitoring, it may fail to absorb nutrients and not grow the way we wanted or rot from the roots due to uncongenial surroundings. Children need guidance, warmth, and emotional backing from parents to bloom to their best. 

Though children may always want more tangible support, parents should also understand the vitality of being in their lives to create meaning and purpose and make a difference.

Don’t Pass Your Fears On   

Whatever has been lacking in your upbringing should not hamper your child’s growth. Consider them as individuals who need respect and understanding and not actions under the shadow of your fears.   

If their behavior or attitude looks inappropriate, try to find the reason and also introspect yourself as to what you have contributed to the situation before yelling or pouring down your anger. 

They Need Your Time

Now and then, we use the term ‘Quality Time’. It doesn’t come with sitting in your child’s room with a mobile in your hands. It becomes a quality time when you actually look into your child’s eye and talk, letting him share the biggest and silliest things with the same vigor and passion. And how can you achieve it? By being unbiased. And as they grow up, they may not want to talk to you for long or not at all. Be prepared and learn to take things in their stride and still have an intuitive radar on them.

A Space To Explore Life

When parents set standards, children barely have the freedom to think outside of the box. Let them open to the realities of life while you harness them invisibly so that they face it with courage and learn from their mistakes. Everything you do as a measure of discipline should not shun them away from truths of life, and that failure, misery, neglect, and rejection are also a part of lives they are yet to explore. Exposing them to success stories of relatable influencers can help them gain courage when in doubt. 

Above everything else is role modeling when it comes to GIVING your child. Visual impact is more powerful than words alone. Make your life an inspiration to your children by adhering to your values systems or principles and taking actions to comprehend those.