The Pros and Cons Of Posting Photos Of Your Children On Social Media

Children and Social Media- where does the connection ring a bell? Ah! Privacy. Well, privacy matters to adults as well. So how do children being on social media become a matter of concern? Sometimes a cute picture or video can generate many fans. And some may even get viral for reasons unknown to the uploader(at that point). 

Social media frenzies are unpredictable. To be on the safer side, invest your time a bit to understand the pros and cons of posting photos of your children on social media.

The Pros

  1. You get to share those rare moments with your far-away family and friends. 
  2. An old picture can bring a long-lost smile. 
  3. One of the most favored reasons is parents who look for parenting solutions get connected with other parents on social media through communities and groups. 
  4. Memories get permanent digital storage.

The Cons

  1. You would manage people posting negative comments about your picture/s. But you certainly wouldn’t appreciate anyone commenting negatively about your child’s picture on social media.
  2. When you post your child’s picture, you do not take their concern before posting it. Be mindful of the setbacks your child may have to bear at a later stage if someone decides to play a prank. In either case, it’s not a fair thing to do.
  3. Without setting the privacy measures first, you may unintentionally land your children in trouble for no fault of theirs. You never know who’s online radar you and your family are under.  
  4. Throwback pictures are a trend. Careless uploading can transform cute moments into embarrassing ones.