The Safest Ways To Clean Wax Off Your Baby’s Ears

The Safest Ways To Clean Wax Off Your Baby’s Ears


Mild to moderate wax in baby’s ears is quite common and doctors strictly recommend against using a tool or a swab that will further push the wax inside or puncture the eardrums.

So what do you do?Here are some tips:

1) Use a soft washcloth, wet it with warm water and wipe baby’s outer ear with it. Don’t try and clean the inner ear with it, cleaning the outer ear will suffice. If there is any wax it will fall out of the ear on its own.

2) If you feel the inner ear needs more targeted cleaning, visit your pediatrician. He/she will use a tiny scoop to scrape the wax out and may even prescribe drops if he/she deems necessary.

3) Hydrogen peroxide is generally very effective and so many parents swear by it. But to use it make sure you have got the doctor’s approval. Fill half of a clean bottle with hydrogen peroxide and the rest with water. Give it a good shake before you use it.

4) In case ear drops have been prescribed, here is how you use it-

  • Choose the time of the day when your baby is calm
  • Hold the glass bottle for some time, as your hands warm it up enough
  • Lay your baby on your lap with the blocked ear facing you
  • Use a dropper to take in the solution
  • Drop the mixture in baby’s ear one drop at a time, until it fills the canal
  • Wait for 5 minutes or as long as the baby lies still. The drops will soften the wax which will start pouring out in some time.
  • Wipe around the baby’s ear with a damp cloth.
  • Repeat this treatment for 3-5 days(once a day)
  • To assure complete wax-free ears, a rubber ear bulb will help squirt lukewarm water into baby’s ears; wax will flow out in huge chunks

5) Home remedies: Not all home remedies suit all children, so, therefore, we suggest you seek the doctor’s approval beforehand.

Here are some home remedies:

  • Saltwater helps soften wax easily
  • Baby oil or olive oil can be used with a dropper. Make sure to block the ear with cotton. After some time you’ll see the wax softened and flowing out.
  • Rubbing vinegar or alcohol around the ear prevents ear infections.
  • Water & baking soda-a remedy that never gets old. Water and 10% baking soda will do the trick.
  • Glycerine makes for a good lubricant that liquefies the wax easily, getting it to pour out.