This Christmas – Let your children experience the satisfaction of giving


What with all the festival mood around, there’s no bigger present than the satisfaction of giving. Teaching your kids to give is one of the biggest learnings that you can inculcate in them during their childhood.
Here are some ideas that you can utilize this holiday season to involve your children in the activity of giving:

– Involve them along with you in your giving activities

Whenever you are doing a good deed, make sure to talk about it with your kids. Your kids will always idealize you as their role models and hence, your actions will always have a direct impact on them.

Make sure that you share with them, your experiences of giving in the past and stories that can motivate them to donate. Choose a cause and let your children know as to why you are passionate about that cause and what have you done to contribute towards it.

– Educate them about the benefits of giving

Kids can be molded at a very young age if they are given the right kind of education. Give them the facts and figures about how will people benefit from their giving. If parents inculcate the habit of giving at an early age, the more kids grow up, the more they will try to educate themselves about the benefits of giving.

Teach your kids by showing them the practicality of how one’s donation/kindness can go a long way in helping people. Educate them by helping them connect with more like minded people and by giving examples of how small acts of kindness can help save lives.

– Make a little extra budget in their holiday gift for giving

It can be very tough to convince the kids to donate from their own share of gifts. You could make a small budget in their holiday gift for giving, which they will have to use for a good cause. You can help them figure out the cause but let them take the final decision on their own.

Sometimes, kids can be very giving and may want to share their gifts with others but often times, they want to enjoy the joy of giving without it disrupting their share of gifts. So, every holiday, when you are planning to gift them something, set the expectation that they will be given some more money that needs to be donated to a good cause.