Tips For Working Mothers On How To Balance Work & Home

Blog - 8th Jan

The working mother concept is not a new one anymore. With women making it big in various fields and at the same time investing in child rearing & family, they have forever put to rest the myth of ‘gender roles’-something which was created to obstruct women from working.
But a working mother definitely has more on her plate than a working woman or a mother. Being there for the little ones and managing a demanding career can be tough.

Today, we give you tips which will make this marriage of job & mom a less stressful one.

Get Enough Sleep: Sleep often takes a backseat for a working mom, but it is one of the most important activities and should be given equal priority. Sleep will help you manage stressful situations better and deal with the home & office in a much more calm & balanced manner which will lead to great results in both areas.

Learn To Say ‘NO’: Before taking up a new project, set the expectations & timelines straight with the boss. Let him or her know that you work best in an environment which nurtures a work-life balance and that you want to prioritise time for the kids & the family. Often such open dialogues about what you need to help you work better are often understood & encouraged. In cases, where the going is tough, learn to say “NO”-by saying ‘no’ they too get an idea of how you schedule time.

Set Realistic Daily Goals: Goal setting will give you more clarity about your tasks and the time needed to achieve them. It only works when the goals set are realistic. Don’t get too ambitious and remember, you are a human being not a machine-counter in some amount of downtime that you will need each day when you are setting your goals for the day.

Don’t Multitask: Multitasking is glorified, don’t fall for it. Give complete focus to one particular at a time, so that you don’t have to come back to it. With multitasking, you lose more than you gain. When you are at work, stop worrying about dinner or stop taking work calls while on the dinner table. Be fully present at work & at home and trust yourself to have done your best, and your employees & your family to look out for you in your absence.

Let Others Do Their Bit: Don’t always pile on the work to be done by others, either at work or at home, on yourself. The more you do that the more will they keep burdening you. Trust them to do it themselves so that you can make time for things you want to do. Don’t hesitate to delegate too. We are all in this together be it changing nappies or drafting a business letter.
Make Time To Unwind: Spend some time with friends or alone doing the things you love. Your mind & body need to cool off and relax. It could be anything from playing your favorite sport to reading a book-everyone deserves a little ‘me time’ and you are no different. Travelling too helps you refresh & look at work & home from a new & fresh perspective.