Tips on building on your Child’s Self Esteem

Tips on building on your Child’s Self Esteem

Parents are often heard complaining about low self-esteem or confidence in their children, little do they know that they are also responsible for the same. Parenting can be a tricky affair especially when you know that it can have a life-altering consequence. Here are some tips as to how parents can build strong self-esteem in their child:

Praise & Positive/Negative Reinforcement: One of the most impactful parts of parenting-punishment and praise. Too much praise can make your child complacent and not push them to reach for higher stars and at the same time being too hard on them and mincing words when it comes to appreciation can also force the children to aim for perfection-which isn’t possible, making them stressed and unhappy. Praises that often have the right amount of appreciation & motivation works best. Appreciation for the current achievement and motivation for future accomplishments, thereby always keeping them open to learning.

Allow them to make their own mistakes: Vulnerability always makes one stronger and that’s in the case of children as well. Let them make their own mistakes, they’ll learn it the hard way and therefore be more prepared and open to embrace challenges. If you keep protecting them, they remain in a bubble sidelined form the rest of the world that’s rearing to go!

Encourage them to pursue their interests fully. Children might be inclined towards pursuing something, it could be anything, a hobby, a good habit, anything and when they find it difficult in the middle, don’t discourage them from continuing it.  In fact, tell them that you’re there for them and instill confidence in them to complete what they began. This habit of starting something and then finishing it fully is an accomplishment by itself and your children should realise that, irrespective of whether they win or lose.

Continuing with the above, let your children know that you’ll love them no matter what. This doesn’t mean that parents should settle for whatever their children do, but it just means that parents should try and bring out the best in their children, without compromising on love attention & encouragement. Children should not grow up in fear and very often that’s what happens. Children are more afraid of getting reprimanded at home for bad results rather than getting such a result.

A child’s self-esteem stems from the parents’ trust. They have confidence in themselves if parents have confidence in them.