Tips That Build The Perfect Sleep Regime For Your Kids

Tips That  Build The Perfect Sleep Regime For Your KidsHaving trouble putting your little one to bed? Do you and your kids follow a sleep regime?If not, it’s time you begin. Kids are bundles of joy and have amazing energy. They don’t even realise when they get tired and so parents must get them used to a sleep routine so that they’re replenished for the next day.

How do you do that?

Fix a sleep time for everyone at home, based on their age, a sleep routine for everyone at home will not only synchronise everyone’s energy levels for the next day but will be good practice for the kids too. Make sure you stick to the time fixed. Either everyone sleeps at the same time or wake up at the same time. The next day will definitely be smooth for all.

What else can be part of the sleep regime?

Things like brushing teeth, changing into night clothes, washing feet, combing hair etc. Such a regime will get them excited to go to bed.

How can you make bedtime more exciting?

Accessories-stuffed toys, pillows, story books anything your child might want to engage with. Set up the room for sleep time; for eg tidying up, switching on dull lighting, etc. creating an environment for them to sleep is important. It will just make nap time more interesting rather than just a task to be done. If you can tell them a story or read to them, it will be great. Even if you just want to sing to them; they’ll love it!

Tips for better sleep regimes:

  • Identify sleep disturbances and issues in your child early in life. This could a blocked nose, nasal congestion, snoring, nightmares, sleepwalking or simply stalling to go to bed. Sleep issues when addressed timely help the child’s health & well-being.
  • Make sure your entire family is on the same page when it comes to sleep rules.
  • Remain consistent in your sleep systems and approach. Changing systems can confuse your kids.