Tips To Improve Your Children’s Self Confidence

“The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” Maria Montessori

Sometimes we see children cry out of fear. It simply shows their lack of confidence. When children are guided and encouraged to explore the unknown, they overcome their fear and grow into confident individuals. As parents and teachers, our efforts should be on the larger picture. Only a confident child will be able to take risks and overcome challenges. The world can be a tough place to live in, so here are some tips to improve your child’s self-confidence. 

Be their role model 

Children often absorb traits from their surroundings. They are great observers, so they imitate what they see. The more adults are optimistic when children are around, the more children exhibit the same. It doesn’t mean that you need to pretend or hide your anxiety. Just don’t focus on it too much.

To fail is fine

At school and home, we expect children to perform because that is the unwritten“norm”. However, a child who could not meet expectations should walk up to his parents and say that without any inhibition. It happens when children are encouraged for their efforts. Remember, the starting point is the most difficult. 

Allow them to be them

Have you noticed  children love to help adults with household chores? They put in their heart and soul to tell us they care and do adult duties like picking up trash, watering plants etc. Well, acknowledge their involvement and appreciate them without a second thought. They love the feeling of behaving like a grown-up and this increases their confidence.

Ignite the explorer in them

Every discovery is a winning moment for children. They may want to check things out of curiosity. Stop them if you sense physical danger. At all other instances let them find out on their own. Allow them to explain what they discovered and show your excitement in their discovery. It is a great way to reinforce confidence in your little ones.

Passion finders

The courage to explore eventually leads to the discovery of their passion. They learn to use their time fruitfully and excel in their field of interest. Respect children for their choices and see how their self-esteem improves.

Set goals

If children are encouraged to do things within a given time frame, they feel satisfied with their achievement. It builds a sportsman spirit and confidence.

Never compare

No two children are similar in character, and they will certainly not produce the same result for the same task. The way one child approaches a work will differ from the other. As adults, remember to appreciate this difference. That is the child’s learning. This appreciation gives the child the confidence to face anything without doubt or fear. 

Positive reinforcement

Children should be showered with positive words, even when they are feeling down. Highlighting the best thing that they say or do, makes them feel worthwhile. It is a great self-esteem booster because when children hear positive reinforcement  from their loved ones, they feel on top of the world.

The world needs fearless and competent leaders in every field. Building confidence in children is the way to  achieve that. Let them grow up to be risk-takers and problem solvers. Just be there for them when they need  guidance and support.