Top 10 Maternity Bag Essentials

Top 10 Maternity Bag EssentialsThe big day is here? After 9 months of glowing, aching and craving, when the big day finally arrives, there’s a lot of helter-skelter which might come in between packing your hospital bag. So it’s best you and your partner take some time during the third trimester just to pack your hospital bag.

Here’s a checklist of all the essentials you need to pack for your hospital bag

  1. Hospital related documents: First things first. To complete your hospital admission, you’ll need all the right papers. Doctor’s prescriptions, insurance papers, ID etc keep all this handy especially your medical records and your birth plans, so that doctors can quickly acquaint themselves with your medical history. Make sure you have copies of these in a file.
  2. Dressing gown-So, generally all major hospitals provide you with delivery friendly gowns but if you’re keen on taking one, pack a soft dressing gown which you can walk around in during or after labor.
  3. Socks- Keeping yourself warm is important, especially during labor, and socks are indispensable.
  4. Slippers/flip-flops: Just slipping into slippers to pace around the ward or to use the loo, is relaxing and less tedious than shoes, so go ahead and pack a pair of those.
  5. Body lotion/oils & lip balms: With all the discomfort your body is already enduring you definitely don’t want dry skin or chapped lips to be another addition. So, stock up on lotions/ body oils.
  6. Comfortable Pillow: if you’re picky about pillows, make sure you pack yours. The hospital ones might not suit your comfort expectations.
  7. Underwear: You’ll need a lot of these especially post-birth. Plus make sure they’re large enough for the maternity pads you’ll be wearing for the bleeding post-birth.
  8. Toiletries: Apart from the usual set which includes toothpaste, toothbrush, soap & face wash shampoo & conditioner. Don’t forget -hairbrush/comb, hair clips, hair ties and a plastic bag to store unwashed clothes. 
  9. Loose-fitting clothes: Apart from your dressing gown, you’ll want to pack some loose t-shirts or kurtas and pyjamas or pants which you can easily slip on.
  10.  Baby Essentials: Socks, blankets, socks & booties, bodysuits(preferably ones that open up in the front), diapers(a big load!), baby wipes for sensitive baby skin, muslin/bibs for the dribbles, going home outfit & car seat.