Top 3 Parenting Apps For Simple, Timely & Hassle-Free Parenting

Top 3 Parentings Apps For Simple, Timely & Hassle-Free ParentingFinding it difficult to keep a tab on your nursing time? Looking for recommendations for a new school or a baby product?

There are a number of apps available today for parenting-on-the go! Get the latest blogs,  monitor feeding charts, become part of parent forums for advice…sounds interesting? here’s our pick :

  1. Baby Nursing: How much are you feeding every day? How often is your baby consuming and how do you track growth? Baby Nursing answers all these questions. Wherever you are, in the middle of whatever you’re doing this app is the best way to track your baby feeding time, duration and consumption. You can also upload photos and maintain a record of the height, milestones,& physical development-almost like a baby book! Available for free on iPhone & Android.
  1. Toddler tantrums sucking all your energy out?  If you’re looking for some quick hacks to deal with your mischievous little ones, Parenthood by Babycentre should be your go-to spot. The app offers you the chance to connect with like-minded parents & experts for various age-appropriate information on behaviour & development. Access blog topics on things like potty training, preschool education, healthy baby food recipes, new parenting approaches etc. Stay connected and stay aware of all that’s trending in parenthood. The app also carries creative games you can play with your children-a great way to bond with them! Available for free on iPhone & Android.
  1. Time is precious, and when you have kids you just don’t know how it passes. Before you lose focus on the dates, time & days..why not hook your entire family with Cozi. This shareable calendar app will ensure that the whole family is always on the same page. Right from chores to do at home, to running errands, doctors appointments, school meetings etc let not the list take over you and let Cozi make life rosy again! Download Cozi and stay on schedule always. Available for free on iPhone & Android.

So parents, why not make parenting more smooth, peaceful & enjoyable for you and your little ones? Download the above apps and see what a breeze it can be.