Top 5 Childcare Tips For The Monsoon

Top 5 Childcare Tips For The MonsoonMonsoon sure brings joy to everybody but it also brings with it seasonal infections and children are the easiest victims. So, how do you make this monsoon a truly joyous season for your children and yourself? Here are some childcare tips to help all mommies & daddies during monsoon.

  1. Prevent Mosquitoes. The #1 monsoon miscreant-Mosquitoes breed really fast in standing water and wet soil. Make sure there’s no stagnant water in your backyard. Close all windows before the sun sets to reduce the number of mosquitoes inside the house. Make sure all garage is covered or disposed of in time. Use mosquito repellents that are safe for your children. Full sleeves or clothes which cover your child fully and light colored clothes will be best to keep mosquitoes away.
  2. Ensure your child’s feet are dry. Children tend to jump into puddles and play with rain which carries a lot of bacteria. Wash and dry the feet thoroughly once your kids are home. Wet and soggy feet can lead to bacteria breed and can cause rashes.
  3. Avoid your children from playing in the rain or eating outside. This could be hard especially stopping kids from playing in the rain. Getting wet in the rain is fun no doubt, but it would be best to avoid it, especially when the environment around is dirty with garbage; kids could catch some bacterial infections or even malaria. Water contamination is the first big bad occurrence with monsoons and so eating outside is a big no-no; there are high chances of cholera and other stomach infections.
  4. Serve fresh & warm food. Foods rich in vitamin C will help strengthen the immune system. Always boil water and serve, fresh & warm food. Vegetables can get easily contaminated and so make sure you wash and boil them very well before serving. Don’t keep food uncovered.
  5. Keep the surroundings clean. Avoid any moist to settle indoors. Keep your child’s room clean and dry. Mosquitoes tend to breed inside also and for this, you must make sure no dust or moisture settles. Make sure your child wears dry clothes too; wet clothes can cause chest congestion.

Have a great rainy season!