Top 6 Ways To Prevent Tooth Decay In Your Children

Top 6 Ways To Prevent Tooth Decay In Your ChildrenWorried about tooth decay in your little one? Here’s how you can prevent it.

  1. Brush twice a day:  Make sure you get a brush with soft bristles and those which are flexible and can easily navigate through the teeth. Teach your kids how to use the brush in the best way possible. If you can brush together, make it a fun activity; they will learn &  engage with interest. In the west, flossing is quite common and parents get their kids used to it as soon as they begin to see signs of teeth touching each other.
  2. Prolonged contact with formula or breast milk too can give birth to plaque. Remove the bottle or stop breastfeeding as soon as your toddler is done with the feeding and clean the baby’s teeth after feeding at night.
  3. Offer Unsweetened Drinks: Sugary drinks are addictive and kids never seem to have enough. Offer them fruits & veggies instead. Or if they do insist on drinking something, an unsweetened & natural drink like coconut water or a fruit juice will be just fine. Avoid soda pop/fruit flavored beverages, they provide zero nutrition and make teeth vulnerable to tooth decay.
  4. Use Open Cups For Beverages: Having trouble with getting your 6-month-old toddler off the bottle? Start using open cups; there are quite a few well designed, attractive ones in the market which will make your little one miss the bottle less. Frequent bottle feedings, especially with juice and other high-sugar drinks, can cause tooth decay.
  5. Give your little one nutritious food. Meals that include whole grains, fruits & vegetables are ideal. In fact, for after meal snacks, you can pick from Mozzarella, cheese, yogurt and milk. They help clear the mouth off harmful sugars and protect against plaque. Make it a habit with your kid to rinse the mouth after eating sugary stuff like raisins or candies.
  6. Speak to your little one about tooth decay and the importance of oral hygiene. They are more likely to take care of their teeth by themselves, as they grow, once they understand the significance.